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Term of Agreement

Just by reading this Term of Agreement:

  1. You are agreee that I am not your father.
  2. You are agreee that I am not responsible for your wife/girlfriend pregnancy.
  3. You are agreee that I am not responsible fo unappropiete comments on my post
  4. You are agreee that I am what I am.
  5. You are agreee that I am a little bit crazy than you.
  6. You are agreee that I am not smarter than you so that you can freely corrects my post.
  7. You are agreee that I can keep all the data that you submit from this website, including registration entries and comments.
  8. You are agreee that I am agree with you in some cases.
  9. You are agreee that I can not provide you with 100% valid story or news.
  10. You are agreee that I can write whatever I want to write.
  11. You are agreee that you have already read this Term of Agreement.

For more information about this agreement, please DO NOT contact me. Oh yeah, last and least, You are agree to provide link back to my website if you quote some or entire post of my post.


Soooooo, you can comment to this Term of Agreement. Isn't that fancy?


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