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Strange Man

A trip I done 2 days ago, almost made myselft lost in "the Jungle of Surabaya". I used public transportation, but not a cab. I'm using the real public transportation. Well, with a help from my collage friends in office. On the way to Surabaya, I talk to a strange man, actually he talked to me, I just listened him. It made myself clear, because I am lucky enough to had a good strater job. The man had 2 job, but with the 2 job his salary only reach 1,2 millions rupiah each month. That's why I had to thanks to God to have this small job.

Nothing special in Surabaya, except when I gone to my aunt hause, I used a becak. This is the one that kept myself wondering, how on earth I didn't give the becak driver more money, despite of I made the driver rounding the housing complex. I should gave him enaough money, he is sick, he coughing when he roll the becak. I only gave him3500 rupiah. I hope he'll be batter soon. For me I still had another 20 from my promise. I had to finish my promise. Remember that!

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