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I'm (not) Feeling Lucky?

This morning I woke up at 03:30 PM, I found my computer on again. The night before I'm to overclock my computer and because the BIOS is still error I can't clear the jumper. But something look different when I check my RAM from my computer properties (from Windows). It tell 138 MB -what the hell- I know that I had 256 MB RAM and why Windows and even the BIOS only read 128 MB. I guess one of my RAM is broken.

I cooked pasto -an instant pasta- before I gone to bath, the pasta is still hard. But I ate it, even.

Then when I almost finish bath, my sister called me because the taxi had come. I quickly finish my bath and prepare my bath stuff because today I went to Gresik.

When I was on the taxi on Kebon Jeruk toll road, there was a truck that had a flat tire, your know that truck had 2 tire in back, and for that truck the two tire flat together, cousing a big noises (I though it was the taxi that had the flat tire).

When I had came to airport, I realize that I was too early. 1,5 hours early. But I didn't forgot to pray, thanks to my mother that remind me before.

At the aircraft. When we almost landing, I get the feeling there is something wrong because the aircraft began accelerated before it reach the airport. And right when the aircraft on top of the airport it still to high, so the pilot began to even more accelerated the aircraft. Now the aircraft had to round again to get landing. But luckly it only a small technique problem for the pilot. When the aircraft try to round to landing, the stewarder kept said "Please stay on your seat". But I know noone stand up (at least the first 9th row).

If you tell me, are you feeling lucky? I would answer YES

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