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I should write this on March, 17 2006

Big news but kinda an old news. At March 17, 2006 around 15:00 I send my resignation email to my office HRD. I guess I had enough with this job after a 7 mounth working there. Before I send that I email I sms my parents, but because my mobile phone is low battery the sms is send 3 hours leter. I ask pray to Allah from my parents for my decision. I think I'm old enough to make a decision, so my parents just said they always behind me if it in the right track. I wouldn't tell you the reason why I quit my job, I will kept it for my self because even my parents didn't knew why I quit my job. My mother even told my sister in Kediri to asked why, but I didn't gave the answer. I hope only my and Allah knew it. At my resignation email I wrote that I will resign from my office at April, 17 2006. I hope they got the email, because I'm woried if I wrote the wrong email address. For the closing for this post, here the copy of my resignation leter:

Gresik, 17 Maret 2006

Kepada YTH

Human Resource Manager

PT. Aksesa Sistimendo Pratama

Ibu Erostika Swasti

Salam sejahtera.

Pertama-tama saya ucapkan terima kasih atas kesempatan yang telah di berikan

oleh PT. Akesesa Sistimindo Pratama terhadap saya, sehingga saya dapat

bergabung di perusahaan ini.

Namun dengan rasa menyesal, saya:

Nama : Dhuhanawuri Agung Nugroho

Jabatan : Application Engineer

bermaksud untuk mengundurkan diri terhitung sejak tanggal 17 April 2006


Keputusan ini datang dari dalam diri saya sendiri,tanpa paksaan dari pihak

manapun, oleh karena itu saya tidak bisa menjelaskan lebih lanjut alasan saya

mengundurkan diri.

Atas ketidaknyamanan ini, sebelum dan sesudahnya saya meminta maaf.

Hormat Saya

Dhuhanawuri A. N.

Thanks to Nana, my friend in office to help me out with the letter! After this job I want to try I kind of job like multimedia designer or web designer/developer. The kind of job that basicly I loved very much.

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