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Entry for March 31, 2006

Cruising around Jakarta's street today would be nice, because everybody are home. This is the day when it should be a day off cause tomorrow and yesterday are day off. This morning I almost late to the office cause as usuall I toke too long bath. But because the road are empty, I didn't get late.

2 days ago I came home to Jakarta from Gresik. The plane should take off on 3 pm but it was delayed untill 6 pm. Damn, there are something wrong somewhere cause I didn't know what the caused of that long delayed. Me with my other collega are waiting there on Juanda for about 3 hours. But nevertheless I thankfull that there were nothing wrong out there and until I arrived in Jakarta. This is the first time I took night fly. From the view I got when the plane is take off, the city of Surabaya are beautiful from the sky. It like a dimond sparkling its light, and Jakarta are the same.

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