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Another Trip, Another Story

Last saturday (March 18 2006) I gone to Kediri again. This time I had some interisting story. As usuall I woke up at 5:00 but because it saturday I really woke up at 5:30. That's when I go to the bath room and soon. After 8 o'clock inthe morning, after I had my breakfast and so on. I gone outside to go to the Petrokimia Gate before I ride some public transportation. As a walk to the gate, I found some people walking and riding a bike. Right when I'm in the middle of the road between the board house and the Petro Gate, there is some middle age man offering me to ride with him. I gladly accept his offer, and for the chit chat I ask him "is it OK?". "Yes ofcourse" he said, so I quickly jump to his bike. Right before the Petro's 5 junction, he asked me "Where are going?", I said " I want to Surabaya", and he asked again "Where is exactly the place?" then I said "I want to Kediri, so I have to go to Bungurasih". Then the he said the words that I didn't expect, "I can drive you to Tb. Osowilangun", But I said, "It's OK, I can use the mikrolet. But First I had go to ATM". He said again, "It's abselutely OK, I can drive you to ATM and to Osowilangun terminal". That "shocked" me, never I found this funky nice man. So after I gone to ATM, I said to him "I can go there using mikrolet, you don't have to drive". But he insisted, and I accept it. He said "We must take another helmet". There it go, I go to the Osowilangun with him drived me with his bike. The strange things, we had so many talk, as he drove quite slow and gentle. First I didn't know why he use other road, cause he toke the hilly road where there were Sunan Giri tomb. But I glad he took that road because it quite cool view and then I saw that the road usally I took are blocked because something that I don't know.

The for the first time I go to Tb Osowilangon terminal, from there it I only ride I more bus to Bungurasih. For that man, I want to gave him Rp. 50.000,- but he refuse it. A very nice man, he was an employee of Petrokimia, now he is retireman.

To Kediri is as common as it would be. I finally arived there, an my brother in law pick me with his bike. At the night there is a dinner to celebrate Amel (my nice in law) birthday. The silly things happen, we didn't know exactly where to eat, as we had to meet Papi and Mami (Hylmi's grandparent). SO we drive around between Joyoboyo Restaurant and Wong Solo resaurant, at the end we glad we found them, because the situation became "hotter".

When I had gone to Gresik, it was claudy sky and my brother in law drove me with his bike again. And the rain falling when we almost arrived to the terminal. It was a big rain so we had to take cover. I end up waiting the bus there. Several minutes after there was Harapan Jaya bus, my brother stop it but it din't stop. So we had to "cacth" it, as there were red light in front. We manage to "catch" but it didn't stop, damn. So, we had to wait another 30 minutes when finally Sri Lestari bus came. When I gone in the seat are almost full and I had gone to the back of the bust to get empty one, the first seat I got is to cool as the AC is can't be closed. Then I toke the seat two row behind.

The at that bus I saw this cute women from Kediri again, she use the same bag as Teguh (my friend) always use, but the bag was blue. It didn't metter cause I didn't too exicted to see her as she only cute :D.

I finnally arived again at Bungur, and it still rained. I took a cab to Gresik, the Taxi driver were very exicted (Gresik is almost 30 km from Bungur), as he talked when he ride but in the middle of the road he stop talk. It because I didn't want to talk as I always answer his question. The he turn the radio and he tune in to Trijaya FM when they played hause music. Man, this is the second time i use a cab with hause music ont them, both are to Gresik.

I finally arrive at 8 pm in kopi and it still rained.

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