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Am I? (not an ordanary man)

I want to talk about the body products that I use everyday. First the head, it consist of hair, face and mouth. For hair I use 2 products, they are shampoo and hair wax. It might be normal, some man use that kind of product. I use Dove shampoo and Gastby wax for natural bla bla bla. For the mouth, I use three products, the thoot paste, the thooth brush, the mouthwash and the dental floss, actually it's normal but for us living in Indonesia, the majority of the man only use thooth paste and thooth brush. For the mouth products I use Oral-B except for the thooth paste I use pepsodent. Then the face, normal man in Indonesia might use only use facial shoap. But I had 3 products for my face, they are Clean & clear facial shoap, clean & clear anti acne (cause I still had acne), Olay total white (I only use it if my skin face dry) and alcohol 70% (I use it to clean my acne if it pop out, yaiks). For the head I had to many products from the majority of man.

Then the body it self. Most man anly use soap but I use soap, handbody and roll on deodorant. Why on earth I use handbody? It because I had dry skin, to moisturize it I use handbody. For the product I use sometimes Dove or sometime Lifebuoy for the soap, Vaseline intensive care for my body dan Rexona for man roll on. And then because I had skin asthma, I use Locasalane Ointment if I had small scars that leave black spot in my skins. That's it, I wonder am I to vain for a man? But some man I know in Jakarta had planty products for their body to. I just wondering when majority of man in Indonesia only use 3 to 4 products for their body I use 12 products for my body. Does anyone had comment(s) about this?

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