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A and A Half Week Ago

It's been almost 1,5 week and I didn't write this, you know memoriezes are too good to forget so I shoul start to wrote this Blog again.

I do a little recapt here. On Monday 9/01/06, I'm so tired and lazy that I didn't go to office I took a day off tough the next day I took a day off too becouse my father and mother came from there Hajj. On the Saturday before I took this crazy shopping. The plan is just buying a little food and etc, so at 10 o'clock I go to Carrefoure at ITC Permata Hijau. First I bougth some little stuff and at the end of my shopping I get a full of stuff in my basket and geust it, it tooks me Rp. 500.000 for all the stuff. This is the most expensive shopping I ever had in a dept store.

Friday, the day before. Hylmi and His mother came to Jakarta at 11 o'clock couse the train bit late.

Ok continuing the day, at Tueasday. It was the day when may parent came from their Hajj, it was rain. And the plane that my parent ride in are late 1 hour. Altough the plane finally landing at Soekarno Hatta airport at 7 o'clock. My Aunts from East Jakarta go to the airport, they plan to pick my parent there. But becouse it can be done (because the bagage are supposed to be dropped at Hajj Dormitory at Halim). So my parents didn't do with them. Finally my aunts and her family came to our house with empty handded.

I almost did go to Major office because it was raining enough to keep every body stay at home. But eventually at 10 o'clock I go to Major Office. My parents will be droped at that place after gone to Hajj Dormitory.

At the Major Office my uncle Di is already there, maybe from 9 oclock. And when I arivved there my parent are still on the way to that place, they are still in Komdak near semanggi. FInally they came at 11 o'clock. And the rain are falling slowly, it was not a heavy rain. I go to their bus. When I saw them, I felt I didn't beliave I can't meet them again. And a little tears all falling from my eyes as I shaking and huging them. Sound sissy enough, but I felt it was that moment when every body will falling a little tears to. After that we finnaly go home.

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