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A Man Can Cry

Yesterday, early in the morning I woke up very early in the morning, becuse yesterday is my parent traveled day to Arab going to Haj. But than I ralize I'm the last one to woke up that day (silly me). Done 'Sholat Shubuh' and then gone bath. Gradually everyone came to my house, there are session for praying together and after that season for say goodbye, this is the session when I can't hardly control my tears seeing my father and mother cry when they said goodbye to everyone, but I manage to control myself. Then at 07:30 we gone to Major Office cause the first stop for may parents is in the Mosque of the Major Office befoe they gone to Haj Dormitory in Halim. At approximaly 09:00, the busses gone to Haj Dormitory.

The busses are running and my parent waved througth the busses window, I see my mother cried througth the busses window, it was a sad situation and I tears almost came out from my eyes, but I handle to manage again. Then I realize this will the longest time I will stay away from my parent, aroung 40 days, I keep my sadnest on my heart. We leaved that place at 09:30.

At afternoon, prepared for acompanied my sister and Hylmi to Gambir train station. I stoped a taxi at 03:30, thats when we leaved the house headed to the train station. On the way to the train station in the taxi suddenly Hylmi throw up, my sister guess it was 'Masuk Angin', it's a common ilness in around equator area. And another throw up at the train station. The train is late, they ride Gajayana Train. But Hylme are fine now.

From the station I took Bianglala Bus to CIledug, silly me I din't take the first bus that was empty. And I got a fully loaded bus, so I stand up from Gambir to Ciledug. After that I to 609 bus. and already dark. Sad, but no time for that, because at next monday I will leaving Jakarta to Gresik as usual, but this time untill 30th of December. See ya in Gresik.

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Thu August 25, 2011, 15:11:56
This is way more heplufl than anything else I've looked at.