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A Cab or Taxi

Yesterday, at the morning the rain is falling and still in my house. It was 7 o'clock and Novry had gone work first so I didn't go to work with him. I took this unusual thing, I use a cab to my office. Hhhm, like I had to many money to did that. But anyway I use that because it was rain. I predict it will cost me around Rp. 30.000 well it almost close, it took me Rp. 35.750. At Kuningan the taxi driver took the turn left before the kuningan conjungtion and it not jammed. Lucky for me, but when I arrived at the crossing brige it was 8:05, I'm still late. And other things happen. The taxi driver didn't have change for me. The wierd thing is the taxi driver took me turn around the Kuningan U turn near the Pasar Festival, hehehe and he stop on a small kiosk to change my money. Wierd, he drop me in front my office.

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